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Compassionate Objectivity YOU ARE LOVE

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

How do you become love when the world that you have created does not reflect it???

How I started finding love in the little things

We all have an Origin story

Over the last 7 years I have uncovered more of mine than sometimes I care to admit... but I believe that we pick the life we are currently living.

I also believe that we pock our traumas

As I have expanded my conscious and grew outside of my conditional patterns I have changed my environment completely. My HOPE is for you to realize that you are not Alone in the journey, you are stronger than you think, your mind is making you sick like really sick, you are a soul having a human experience and you can change this game they call life.


For giving self for all the messed up things you have done to yourself or others is step one Hoʻoponopono for give all the people mainly family because they had there own Ish to work out.

Step two; Write it out all of it you have to release and give it to the creator/GOD

YES the old will come up it has to its how you start training yourself to see your EGO... because let me tell you that BITCH is supper destructive and likes to push everyone and everything away. Its to keep you safe but really its to keep you in the same karmic cycles over and over.

In the End you Pull your tribe to you

Where you are currently Vibrating at is where you have been its your old story and you have the abilities to change it at any given moment.

YOU are not your conditions they are what your family pushed on to you. in the core of your HEART you are love and only love.

HOMEWORK is to let your inner child sing, dance, play full out so that you can start to unlock the NEW YOU the TRUE YOU in the core of who you are...

At some point ill show all my war stories so that you know I have been were you are today .... but the truth is its where I have been not where I am going I have CROSSED the

Rainbow Bridge and its not what the dark energy has made you to believe

Everything in the matrix has two meanings

this is a message of oneness of LOVE

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