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The Power in finding your path with Faith

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Old soul was your journey to awaken hard???

Here is a little bit about me and the services I offer.

I am German born American Channeler, Medium/ Psychic Healer and Reiki Master, that holds the ability of all of the Clairs specializes in healing the Auric field in all layers for the body, clearing dark entity’s, lost souls also performing hypnosis and Akashic Records. Channeling and healing with the Seraphim Angels. Based out of the Bay Area California, Cynthia works with a vast variety of clients from Cancer patients, childhood traumas and depression. As a cancer survivor, Cynthia has a special place in her heart for those either battling or surviving cancer and childhood traumas. Cynthia’s passion is to continue to teach and provide healings to all, continually expanding her knowledge and experience in metaphysics. Deep diving through all of the conditions in this life’s experiences.

Your Higher Self is lovingly taking you to where you’ll find answers to your questions. It’s best to not have an expectation instead go with the flow. There is a higher force within you guiding you throughout your session. 

I will assist you to access your Higher Self to answer your questions. We all have experiences where we get clarity about something or a situation. This is our Higher Self who speaks to us all the time. Having your Higher Self come through in your QHHT session is a beautiful experience. Frequently, clients are amazed at getting answers to their questions and to experience a healing, if appropriate, of their emotional and physical body. This is what makes QHHT unique. You’re guided to the place where you can access that part of you that holds all the wisdom, so you are able to make your own connection to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self loves you unconditionally, is very wise and wants to help you move forward in the best way. 

Through Quantum Reiki we will identify cords that are holding you back from the life of your dreams, we shift and ground your energy break conditioning and clear up any contracts this includes Karma if you have learned your lessons. Changing the frequency of your auric field, grounding and identifying the ego is key to overcoming conditional patterning.


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