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2.15.2021-Preparation For your Past Life Regression

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Homework Is a NON Negotiable

Final words

Whether you are looking to heal a physical or mental pain that’s been holding you back, Meet Guides, Open gift, see your highest timeline! Learn More about the lessons you have pick by seeing it out of the eyes of your past lives, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy can help you gain CLARITY Calm find inner peace and see with clear vision of where you’d like to go.

We will explore your desires for healing and clarity, guiding you through a three-hour session of subconscious healing strengthening your connection to your higher self getting to know your past, gaining clarity to future or even ancestral lifetime’s lessons agreement updating your akashic record.

And anything else you would like to explore


1. Write out 10 questions or more that you have about

2. Your Life lessons and purpose, health problems, blocks, things you would like clarity on. This is meant to help navigate you for the remainder of your lifetime

-please Email 48hours Prior to your session as I meditate on what you have asked

I would like you to journal Daily on the internal chatter this is best if observed for at least 7 days

Good Bad or Indifferent- This should be focused on the EGO’s communication what patterns do you repeat for self-judgment of others. What are you saying to reinforce the old you or the parts of you that others have pushed onto you?

They have always been angry, your two stupid to learn, your just not the doer type, your too sensitive….

These are things that shake your safety and security

Keep us in blame and guilt

Affect our ability to trust our decision making and keep us in a low vibration

Think of the things that try to keep us from living the best life possible

The native Hawaiian practice of forgiveness called Ho’oponopono comes in to help you work through any burdens, toxic thought patterns. This is where I like for you to release those things that you are holding on to it important in the process of spontaneous healing as there is no resistance.


Clearing Chakras



Do for self-daily at night!!

Please start with SELF

Your welcome to pick a day that works for you QHHT Session time slots are 9:00am between 3:00pm

Just pick the service and your time

Thank you and I look forward to working with you


Please follow on



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